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the liquid latex

Latex rubber was first introduced to be used as a protective covering. Latex as found in nature is the milky sap of many plants that coagulates on exposure to air. One of the best known traditional uses is in latex gloves.

Today, latex is also used in the manufacturing of clothing. The shiny rubber is used to display a “second skin” effect and goes on skin-tight. Designers use its shininess to make outfits that project impressions of kinkiness.

Liquid latex has been around for many years. It has been used for makeup and special effects in film and stage. When liquid latex is applied to the skin and allowed to dry, it provides a layer of rubber much thinner than that of what latex clothing is made.

People get creative with liquid latex. It can be used on the body to give it an unnatural color such as green or blue. Liquid latex can also be used to make clothing that appears to be custom-fit such as gloves. It doesn’t only have to be used on the body. Only the imagination is the limitation of what you can do with liquid latex.

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