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the mp3rocket


MP3Rocket is one of the fastest-growing file-sharing networks that has surfaced lately. They have over 12 million MP3s that you can download fast, free, and legally. They also offer movies, games, TV shows, and more. They don’t have any download or per song fees, and access to unlimited downloading is at your fingertips.

I was asked to express my opinion about MP3Rocket and having access to their free music downloads. Truthfully, I prefer networks that honestly belong to the free world. Applications like Azureus and SoulSeek seem to be more legit than MP3Rocket.

Maybe when I see viral marketing take effect for this company then I may look into it further. I’ll stick to what I know, and I’d rather not be part of their Big Brother surveys which is what companies like this do to cover up what they’re really doing: data mining.