the 32 gigs in your pocket

When I first started using PCs, hard drives didn’t even go up to a gigabyte of storage. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see hard drives that contain over a terabyte of space and pocket-size storage devices that hold gigs in the two-digit range.

The Kingston DataTraveler series of flash drives are dependable. I build my desktop systems with Kingston’s system memory almost exclusively and use their flash drives without any issues. Their 32GB flash drive is on Sale at for under $54 with free shipping which is a great deal for this portable device with massive storage space for its size.

Imagine how much data you can store on a 32GB USB key that fits in your pocket. You can lug five 4.7GB DVD ISOs over to a friend’s house and watch some them on an HTPC. Thousands of MP3s can be stored on this tiny device. Photographs, documents, and any other files that you have can all be written on a flash drive.

Flash memory has no moving parts, so you don’t have to worry about losing data due to the parts shifting if the drive is dropped. These portable drives last a very long time and is worth every penny with a deal like this. If you are the type that habitually backs up their data in case of a system meltdown, then a flash drive can make a dependable solution in keeping your files in a second location.