the end of radio silence

Over three months have gone by since I last updated this collection that I have been consistently maintaining for over five years. The neglect was not intentional, and I haven’t completely lost my passion to write new content on here infrequently.

I can’t say that I have been busy, because I have just been going through similar motions day after the day these past few months. I don’t plan on ever abandoning this as long as my fingers can touch keys to put together sentences on a glowing screen and the ultranet continues to transfer ones and zeroes back and forth between its many machines that maintain its existence.

I have definitely been in a creative dry spell lately, and I have been content with just being on this planet earning my keep. I hope to get back to updating this again at least once a month and hopefully more, but I’ll just have to see how the days go and if I’m up to it. 2012 has arrived. The web is moving and growing faster than ever. One day, the blog will be a vintage communication that will always continue to be around.

Print, radio, and television have a tough enough time keeping up with the speed that information circulates, but they have successfully adapted to the change in the exchange. Blogs can be updated just as fast and often as wall posts and tweets but require more effort to fulfill the format obligations.

I will still use this as my primary outlet when I feel like punching out some rants into the blogosphere, so check back every now and then. Thank you for reading this as long as you have, and please continue to do so. You’re always welcome to it. Peace out.

the transfinite cardinals (the bloggers blogging about blogs)

Why is blogging about blogs something bloggers love about having a blog? A blogger many times will search for their blog. A blogger’s goal sometimes is to improve the blog’s SEO and get more hits. A bloggerific blog will usually blogvertise by setting up an SEO keyword to make more money to fund their blogilicious weblog that gets more hits than Google, Yahoo and Boing Boing.

This has been a feeble attempt at a feed aggregator‘s wet dream. Bloggers blog about blogging blogtalk trackback shoe shine because newsfeeds will eat a blogger’s writing like a hungry leech like in bittorrents and those mininova delights.

The portals are Mozilla Firefox 3 and the latest version of Thunderbird. Bloggers waste blogtime by watching YouTube. Blogs on MySpace are so passé. Having your own domain is where it’s at. Posting posts and leaving comments, making a gravatar, and sharing what they think about WordPress 5.0 (an anachronism at the time of this writing).

If you’ve read this far, then you probably realize by now that this post is nothing but an intermediate gateway driven by hyperlinks and keywords and talking about the latest gadgets like the iPhone or speaking nostalgic like free NES ROMs or even saying the United States and terrorism in the same sentence.

The internet loves it. The One Machine could not exist if it wasn’t for blogtastic blogartistic blogsmiths blogging about chocolate rain or this video.

Where you are right now, right at this moment, peering into a single facet of the digital universe assembled with insane combinations of ones and zeroes. That’s why bloggers blog about blogging in their blogs.

Garlic-stuffed pork tenderloin and two cups of
Jasmine white rice on a plate stuck to the ceiling.