the relaxing saturday

We just finished the third season of Breaking Bad and eager for the next season to start airing.

We’ve been a couple couch potatoes all day today catching up on our TV shows from this past week. We’re going to get some burgers here in a bit but maybe knock out a few rounds of Tetris before we go. The tortas and breakfast tacos were delicious as usual this morning.

We plan on going to the park for a stroll tomorrow morning. I’ll get my online class squared away as well before this week’s deadline. The weather today is great, completely the opposite of yesterday. I hope tomorrow is more of the same, especially since I’ll be enjoying the outdoors much more than usual. Peace out.

the homemade luther burgers

Homemade Luther Burgers

Recipe makes 4 servings.

  • 1½ pounds of Ground Chuck
  • 4 slices of Bacon
  • 4 slices of Medium Cheddar Cheese
  • 4 Glazed Donuts
  • Kosher salt, fresh ground Black Pepper, HBDlux

Friday’s Oven Method
(more convenient than grilling)

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Form ground chuck into 4 patties. Season to taste.
  3. Place patties on a grill with baking sheet underneath. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until Medium Well Done to Well Done.
  4. Slice bacon in half. Set the slices evenly apart on a microwave-safe plate on a couple paper towels. Cover them with another paper towel. Microwave bacon on High for about 4½ minutes or until the bacon is crispy.
  5. Slice the donuts and toast them during last 10 minutes of cooking the patties.
  6. Melt cheddar on burgers in oven. Keep an eye on the cheese and remove from them from the oven before the cheese oozes onto the baking sheet.
  7. The sugary side goes toward the patty. The inside of the donut should be on the outside.
  8. Serve with a side of potato chips or French fries. Enjoy the itis afterward.

the obligatory life update + the eyefingers making machine gun sounds

I know it’s been over a month since you’ve read something like this on here, but the connection to the interweb has been intermittent at best from where I usually do a majority of my posting for the past couple weeks. The second cable technician came by yesterday and actually fixed it for the most part. We’ll see, but I have a good feeling that the repair is right this time. He fixed some connections outside this fortress that I knew was the issue this whole time.

My miserable experience of having a faulty connection can be summed up with a partial glimpse of the error log that would update ever so often while the connection was offline:

Time     Level     Description
Thu Sep 03 21:09:44 2009       Critical (3)      Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Un…
Thu Sep 03 21:09:12 2009       Critical (3)      Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging – No Response received – …
Thu Sep 03 21:08:07 2009       Critical (3)      No Ranging Response received – T3 time-out

The interesting part about obtaining those critical errors is that the log can’t be accessed when the modem is operating correctly. Thank goodness for being able to copy, paste, and save.

Along with the connection being subpar for over two weeks, I’ve been relatively lazy about updating here. I think Austin had something like 68 straight days of 100+ degree heat which keeps my brain from working. It’s slowly cooling down but definitely not fast enough. I’m ready to be prolific when the weather’s decent, but we’ll have to see how the participation from the rest of the team members suffices.

If you’re still reading this, then I’ll do my best to sum up the highlights of the end of July and the month of August:

At the end of July, Mare & I attended my long-time friend Joe’s wedding in Corpus Christi. The wedding and reception were nice. The wedding was on Saturday, and Sunday was our day to enjoy what the town could give us in a day.

On Sunday, Mare & I started the morning with two barbacoa tacos each from the best taqueria in south Texas, Taqueria Almeida #1 in Flour Bluff. They were bigger than I remembered but maybe that’s due to the smaller ones than the other taquerias here in Austin serve. We then went to the Mustang Island State Park to enjoy the sun, sand, and beach. We ate at Snoopy’s Pier after the beach. We shared the broiled and deep fried Mahi Mahi plates.

On the Saturday of the next weekend, sausage was barbecued at the Plain Rock. The BBQs at Plain Rock usually turn out well. The next week’s grill was a memorable one.

We decided to grill some burgers for dinner on the 21st and upped the ante by making Luthers. GMN picked up a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and I got the rest of the burger-making supplies. Approximately a half-pound of ground beef topped with a slice of medium cheddar, a couple tomato slices, some sweet onion slices, and shredded lettuce between a sliced and toasted Krispy Kreme made up each Luther.

I’m sure all of our hearts skipped some beats and went into bradycardia after we finished eating them. Imagine having one of these symbiotically sharing your bloodstream:

After checking out a few pictures online of what other peoples’ interpretation of the Luther is, we learned that it’s best to turn the donuts upside-down so the consumer grips the area without the delicious icing serving two purposes: less sticky fingers from the sugar and more icing to line the stomach in order to induce a better bout of postprandial somnolence better known as “itis.”

Other than my monotonous weekdays due to the dedication to my day job, nothing much has been going on apart from dealing with the annoyingly annoying central Texan heat. Work is going well. I’m slowly catching up with my comic pile. I finally finished reading Kingdom Come which was excellent. DaShita is almost ready to launch. The Monkey finally got its graphic added. The update on this site’s appearance is about 80% complete and I hope to have it installed this upcoming week.

All in all, this summer has come and gone. This year has been perpetual, but that’s OK with me.

I hope with the connection running solid again that I’ll update this more often with what’s going on in my world as if you really cared. Thanks for tuning in. Time to finish reading some new Deadpool. Peace out.

the big two five slash quarter century


Yesterday night, Neil had a fun get-together at his place. The grilled burgers with sautéed onions were delicious. The drinks were good, and the company was great.

Today is his birthday, and Mom is cooking a big dinner to look forward to enjoying tonight with loved ones. Weekends are way too short. Fortunately, the holidays are around the corner and quality time will be able to be spent with family.

the mighty fine burgers in austin

Mare returned to Austin from her Canada/North Carolina trip yesterday. We had lunch at Mighty Fine which is pretty fine but I wouldn’t say mighty fine. They are owned by the same people that own Rudy’s which is their gimmicky barbecue place. My only beef with Mighty Fine is that their prices are too damn high, but I’m sure it’s based in figuring out how much they can squeeze (capitalize) from the earners in that area which is a fairly nice area. That place is always packed when I go, and for what? Burgers, fries, and shakes.

The burgers are very homemade genuine-tasting, but again, I don’t think you’d normally pay someone five bucks to make you the same-quality half-pound burger and a couple bucks for a soda in a bottle. I love their half-pound burgers and their fries are good, but I’m gonna give the rest the two thumbs down. They have these chili dogs where they slice up the hot dog, so I guess they could charge more for it. Most chili from burger places are recycled burgers. You’re paying for yesterday’s leftovers.

I’m not saying I won’t go back to Mighty Fine, because I’d rank their half-pound burger in the top five in Austin, but they sure know how to overcharge for what I can get for a couple bucks less almost anywhere else and I’m not talking fast food chain burgers. I’m talking about the Crown and Anchor, Burger Tex, Bagpipes on Tuesdays, Hut’s, Dan’s, etc.

the last of the 3hirty or the record high

[ [ [ Countdown to 3hirty Posts in April: ONE! ] ] ]

The challenge has been conquered. With a less than two hours left in the day, I am writing the thirtieth post for April.

I’m gonna try to keep this short, and I’m sure I will since I didn’t post too long ago. This month went by fast as expected.

I’m gonna wrap April up with a small list of this month’s highlights from my perspective:

  • K$ made the Pluckers Wall of Flame.
  • I purchased and received enough comics to probably last me ’til 2009. (But I ain’t stoppin’!)
  • I turned 26.
  • My sister gave me a Buddy Christ bobblehead.
  • My brother put together an excellent BBQ birthday party extravaganza equipped with burgers, bratwurst, and keg.
  • Two words: ROCK BAND.
  • The third and fourth volumes of Thrice’s The Alchemy Index was released.
  • Sleepercar’s debut album, West Texas, was released.
  • Alkaline Trio released their Agony and Irony EP with a catchy single, Help Me.
  • I told Pluckers about how awful one of their waiters was by filling out one of their comment cards, and they apologized by sending me a $25 gift card.
  • Uncle Sam gave me some of my hard-earned dollars back plus approved me for one of his bonus checks.
  • Two ‘Zas of the Week.
  • I was excused from jury duty and had a fantastic half-day off.
  • I saw these great bands in no particular order: Thrice, Dynamite Boy, Cruiserweight.
  • I experienced why I do not like performance art.
  • Two words: ROCK BAND. (listed twice intentionally ’cause it r0xx that hard!)
  • Rivers Cuomo stole the main riff from Portside Scout’s R2D2 song to use in his single, Pork and Beans.
  • Working where I work wasn’t so bad for the 21st month in a row.
  • I purchased a new machine, c0rey foldman, whose creation is strictly intended to contributing to the [email protected] project.
  • I spent way too much time in the MoSo WP CMS by challenging myself to write thirty posts this month and successfully pulled it off like the über g33k that I am.

This is the most posts in one month on Modern Soapbox which matched last June. Maybe I’ll go for 31 in July. I’ll be taking it easy from this next month to concentrate on my other projects that matter more, but I won’t abandon y’all. I promise. Peace out.

[ [ [ ZERO! ] ] ]

the celebration trifecta

This weekend was a success. I’d like to thank K$, Mare, and Neil for orchestrating the events so well, and the memories will stay embedded in my mind.

Friday night was the kick-off for the birthday celebration. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Trudy’s and some quality drinks. I had my complimentary Mexican martini as well as a Cuban martini. It started out with Neil, K$, Mare & me. Dirty Fingers joined us a little later, then Rhino showed up. Later in the night, J-Bone and Justin joined us. We stayed ’til close enjoying each other’s company.

When we first arrived, the parking lot was packed. Unfortunately, the spot I located was underneath a tree. The parking lot that Trudy’s shares with the shopping center next door seems to be a place where all of the birds in Austin love to spend all day and all night up in the trees. We only spent about four hours at Trudy’s. By the time I made it back to the car, it must have been hit twenty times by birds caring less.

Driving around a car with white-accented bird feces is kind of embarrassing. I hand-washed my car for the first time in two or three years the next day at my brother’s before the party.

The party was great. Neil has a big grill, and we made a bunch of burgers and bratwurst. We also had a keg of Ziegen Bock, and ROCK BAND! I’ve never played Rock Band before, but I found it quite entertaining. The drums are difficult, because I’m not a drummer but it sure was fun. I scored a few presents that I really enjoy. K$ got me four graphic novels. Score! Erin got me a humorous coloring book about ’90s pop culture. J-Bone got me a device that plays Name That Tune using an MP3 player. My sister gave me a Buddy Christ bobblehead. I wasn’t really expecting presents, but I got some indeed.

We killed the keg before midnight, but we had other beer floating around the place plus some liquor. I felt everyone had a good time. I hope we have more barbecues in the near future. Maybe not with a keg and too many people but definitely with the core of us.

After recovering for the most part the next day, Neil, K$, Gunner, Mare & I made a trek down to the Salt Lick in Driftwood to complete the celebration trifecta. We all had the all-you-can-eat family meal and stuffed ourselves ’til we couldn’t stuff anymore. I absolutely love their ribs. We also had brisket and sausage. The sides included: coleslaw, mashed potatoes, bread, pickles, and onions. Everyone else loved the bread, but I know it’s just filler.

The best part after we were about to burst was that they let us take the leftovers home. Buffets normally don’t let you do that, but you know they were just going to throw it out anyway. Another bonus for the Salt Lick is that it’s BYOB, so I picked up a twelve-pack of Dos Equis for us to enjoy while we ate. We didn’t drink them all, but I figured it was ’cause we were so full plus we had been drinking a lot the day before. I scored that twelve-pack for twelve bucks at the convenient store. The grocery store normally sells it for fourteen. Dos Equis twelve-packs were less than Shiner Bock twelve-packs surprisingly.

Afterwards, I just went home and spent the rest of the day recovering from my awesome weekend. I read some of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1, watched some Aeon Flux, then put on TMNT: The Animated Series Volume 5 Disc 2 to finally fall asleep. The Case of the Mondays would return when the sun rose again.