the life with playstation [email protected] project concludes

Sunday, November 4th, 2012, was the last morning when [email protected] on Life With Playstation received my Playstation 3’s last completed work unit. One of the selling points for my reason of getting a PS3 was the capability of donating more CPU power to the distributed computing project.

I took these last screenshots to preserve the memory of the application on my Playstation. I continue to contribute to the project on a regular basis by donating the CPU power of Diode, my trusty file server that has been folding proteins since I built it back in 2007, and occasionally from c0rey foldman, my desktop computer with a Phenom quad-core processor.

I have built and used many desktop computers that have contributed to Stanford University’s [email protected] project. I started donating around 2001-2002 with an Athlon Thunderbird 1.4  processor that I still have stored away somewhere but has been retired for years. I have used a couple Athlon XP’s and a few Athlon 64 X2’s (including the one in Diode that still folds on), and an Phenom X4 that I burn up maybe a couple months a year these days when the temperature drops considerably.

I was excited to gain a Playstation 3 back in 2008, because that fulfilled my dream of having the machine that folded using the Cell, the multi-core processor used in the PS3. I managed to donate 1533+ work units over the years with my Playstation. The images provided here are a little deceiving. I had a system crash that required me to reinstall Life With Playstation and lose the completed count from the first round. I can only recall that I was in the triple digits before that unfortunate incident.

When I fired on the Playstation today, I wanted to see if any changes were made to Life With Playstation since I last checked on Sunday. I read the news around the end of October that the program was ending, so I was not surprised. I was waiting for the actual end date which had to have occurred some time this week if not today. I started the LWP application, and it required an immediate update. After the 11MB file downloaded and installed, running the program again displayed this message:

Folding proteins on my Cell microprocessor has finally ended. Technology is always evolving, and this milestone marks the end of a five-year relationship that I was proud to participate in.


On a numerological note: 1533 is the same sequence of numbers in 1.533GHz, the stable overclocked speed of the first processor I used for [email protected], my Athlon Thunderbird.

the kingston 8gb datatraveler deal

Finding the best prices on computer accessories can easily turn into an online scavenger hunt. Knowing where to find something on sale may not always be apparent. The worst surprise is when you make the purchase and find out that the price dropped even more only a week later.

Portable storage is necessary in the mobile world today. Fast data transfer and a compact method of transportation is desired when information has to be physically moved from one place to another as quickly as possible. Flash drives are the best solutions when storing data in a small object that can easily be taken on the go.

The Kingston DataTraveler series of USB flash drives is one of my personal picks for pocket-sized storage. Only about nine months ago, I wrote about the 4GB version being available for under twenty bucks. At the time, I thought it was an awesome deal.

Right now, the Kingston 8GB DataTraveler is available for a penny less than 17 bucks. sweetens the deal even more with free shipping. I really believe in these flash drives for everyday use. My fastest [email protected] machine, c0rey, stores everything on a 4GB DataTraveler, and I have yet to have any major problems with the storage device. The operating system even runs off the flash drive!

Whether you plan on using a USB 2.0 flash drive for storing some of your most important files in a safe backup location, copying videos for friends to check out, or running the latest version of Ubuntu, owning one of these devices is a must. Don’t miss out on this deal. is known for selling out of their sale items due to their amazing prices and free shipping.

the texas snow

Only in Texas will the weather be a comfortable ~70°F during the day, large gusts of wind come through in the late afternoon, and snow falls from the sky a half hour ’til midnight.

Mare took a picture of her Vespa as the snow started falling.

The bandwidth in the apartment is currently being eaten up with a 50MB upload to Stanford of a completed [email protected] work unit by c0rey and another one completed by Diode. The PS3 should be completing another one around 1:30AM.

To post this without having to put up with the lag from the large data transfers going on right now, I am mooching off a neighbor who is unaware of the importance of securing a wireless network.

To successfully rip The Dark Knight on DVD, make sure you’re using DVDFab Platinum They thought they could stop us.

the compliment of talking about questionable charms

Here are some quick highlights for each category to keep you in the loop.

life: wake up, go to work, go home, eat my one good meal for the weekday with Mare, stay up ’til it’s time to go to sleep, sleep, repeat until the weekend, then the weekend flies by in two days and the cycle begins again.

comics: (new this week on the reading list of Sig & Mare) Cable #6, Hulk #5, Wolverine: Killing Made Simple, Echo #5, The Amory Wars (volume 2) #3

computers: c0rey is back up and running. ASUS is giving me a bad time for not getting a tracking number for my RMA, so I purchased an ABIT mobo compatible with my Phenom and it’s performing better than ever minus the strange start/restart ritual it likes to go through when loading Ubuntu. k0rma & 1nertia are scheduled to move offsite which will either happen tomorrow or some time over the weekend. Diode has been upgraded with a Maxtor 750GB SATA II/300 internal hard drive with 32MB cache for a total of 1TB disk space. w00t!

DVDs: One of the August project is to back up K$’s collection.

food and recipes: I tried Dan’s Hamburgers for the first time a couple weeks ago, and they are so much better than Mighty Fine and cost so much less, too! Dan’s has made my Top 5 burgers in Austin. I’m still finalizing that list, but off the top of my head in no particular order: Dirty Martin’s, Burger Tex, The Crown and Anchor Pub, Bagpipes, and now Dan’s. Suggestions are welcome.

movies: The last one I saw in the theater was The Dark Knight at Alamo. Joe finished his short film, but I can’t indulge you with the details ’til after it’s official screening.

music: Delay the Inevitable (DxTxI) is an amazing band.

work: Same ol’ gig that pays the bills. I have a review and a raise pending, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s what I have for now. I really want to update this more often, but we’ll see. Peace out.

the farm

Just a few updates:

  • Added three new platys to the Hex-5: a gold Mickey Mouse platy, a red Mickey Mouse platy, and a red wag platy. The sunburst wag platy that we still have really likes the company of the red wag.
  • The new editions to the folding farm are still pending completion. The Twin Machines, k0rma and 1nertia, are awaiting their customized acrylic case with vintage stereo cabinet windows for side panels. A few more holes to line up the pieces, and the rest should fall into place.
  • c0rey’s motherboard, an ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI Socket AM2+, has been RMA’ed. ASUS says it will take ten working days from when they receive the board. I mailed it through USPS Priority Mail on Monday night, so they should have it by now. The countdown for c0rey’s rebirth continues.
  • I had this daydream of renting out an air-conditioned storage closet that has power outlets and run a folding farm out of one of those. Once I figure out how to get an internet connection from inside that closet, I will be good to go.

the phenom 9850 black edition

A present for c0rey…

The AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition Quad-Core Processor

The ‘985’ designates it as a 9850. The ‘0810’ deciphers as 10th week of 2008 which means this processor was manufactured in March.

The 2.8GHz OC wasn’t stable as you see in the screenshot, but 2.7GHz is running just fine. I love the technicolor spaghetti in Ubuntu’s CPU History system monitor.

Funny story behind obtaining this processor:

I had just lost an eBay auction for a Phenom 9600 Black Edition. I looked on craigslist, and someone in town had just listed a 9850 for less than what the 9600 went for on eBay. I contact the guy that I want to buy it, and we end up meeting up the next night a quarter after ten at night in a parking lot by a sushi bar.

The guy doesn’t even have my name straight, and it appears allergies or a cold has gotten him ’cause he was constantly sniffling. He gets something out of his car, and it looks like a bag of coke.

I freak out. I panic and say, “Dude, I think you got the wrong guy. I came here for a computer processor.”

As it turns out, he had put the processor in a blanket of paper towels, and I misinterpreted it under the one streetlight we were under. He pulls out a flashlight for me to check it out. I have Mare hand me the empty retail plastic case for my BE-2300 to safely transport the Phenom and my flashlight.

The processor checks out, and I give the guy the cash and have him fill out a bill of sale. End of story.

Peace out.