the obligatory life update + the eyefingers making machine gun sounds

I know it’s been over a month since you’ve read something like this on here, but the connection to the interweb has been intermittent at best from where I usually do a majority of my posting for the past couple weeks. The second cable technician came by yesterday and actually fixed it for the most part. We’ll see, but I have a good feeling that the repair is right this time. He fixed some connections outside this fortress that I knew was the issue this whole time.

My miserable experience of having a faulty connection can be summed up with a partial glimpse of the error log that would update ever so often while the connection was offline:

Time     Level     Description
Thu Sep 03 21:09:44 2009       Critical (3)      Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Un…
Thu Sep 03 21:09:12 2009       Critical (3)      Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging – No Response received – …
Thu Sep 03 21:08:07 2009       Critical (3)      No Ranging Response received – T3 time-out

The interesting part about obtaining those critical errors is that the log can’t be accessed when the modem is operating correctly. Thank goodness for being able to copy, paste, and save.

Along with the connection being subpar for over two weeks, I’ve been relatively lazy about updating here. I think Austin had something like 68 straight days of 100+ degree heat which keeps my brain from working. It’s slowly cooling down but definitely not fast enough. I’m ready to be prolific when the weather’s decent, but we’ll have to see how the participation from the rest of the team members suffices.

If you’re still reading this, then I’ll do my best to sum up the highlights of the end of July and the month of August:

At the end of July, Mare & I attended my long-time friend Joe’s wedding in Corpus Christi. The wedding and reception were nice. The wedding was on Saturday, and Sunday was our day to enjoy what the town could give us in a day.

On Sunday, Mare & I started the morning with two barbacoa tacos each from the best taqueria in south Texas, Taqueria Almeida #1 in Flour Bluff. They were bigger than I remembered but maybe that’s due to the smaller ones than the other taquerias here in Austin serve. We then went to the Mustang Island State Park to enjoy the sun, sand, and beach. We ate at Snoopy’s Pier after the beach. We shared the broiled and deep fried Mahi Mahi plates.

On the Saturday of the next weekend, sausage was barbecued at the Plain Rock. The BBQs at Plain Rock usually turn out well. The next week’s grill was a memorable one.

We decided to grill some burgers for dinner on the 21st and upped the ante by making Luthers. GMN picked up a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and I got the rest of the burger-making supplies. Approximately a half-pound of ground beef topped with a slice of medium cheddar, a couple tomato slices, some sweet onion slices, and shredded lettuce between a sliced and toasted Krispy Kreme made up each Luther.

I’m sure all of our hearts skipped some beats and went into bradycardia after we finished eating them. Imagine having one of these symbiotically sharing your bloodstream:

After checking out a few pictures online of what other peoples’ interpretation of the Luther is, we learned that it’s best to turn the donuts upside-down so the consumer grips the area without the delicious icing serving two purposes: less sticky fingers from the sugar and more icing to line the stomach in order to induce a better bout of postprandial somnolence better known as “itis.”

Other than my monotonous weekdays due to the dedication to my day job, nothing much has been going on apart from dealing with the annoyingly annoying central Texan heat. Work is going well. I’m slowly catching up with my comic pile. I finally finished reading Kingdom Come which was excellent. DaShita is almost ready to launch. The Monkey finally got its graphic added. The update on this site’s appearance is about 80% complete and I hope to have it installed this upcoming week.

All in all, this summer has come and gone. This year has been perpetual, but that’s OK with me.

I hope with the connection running solid again that I’ll update this more often with what’s going on in my world as if you really cared. Thanks for tuning in. Time to finish reading some new Deadpool. Peace out.

the compliment of talking about questionable charms

Here are some quick highlights for each category to keep you in the loop.

life: wake up, go to work, go home, eat my one good meal for the weekday with Mare, stay up ’til it’s time to go to sleep, sleep, repeat until the weekend, then the weekend flies by in two days and the cycle begins again.

comics: (new this week on the reading list of Sig & Mare) Cable #6, Hulk #5, Wolverine: Killing Made Simple, Echo #5, The Amory Wars (volume 2) #3

computers: c0rey is back up and running. ASUS is giving me a bad time for not getting a tracking number for my RMA, so I purchased an ABIT mobo compatible with my Phenom and it’s performing better than ever minus the strange start/restart ritual it likes to go through when loading Ubuntu. k0rma & 1nertia are scheduled to move offsite which will either happen tomorrow or some time over the weekend. Diode has been upgraded with a Maxtor 750GB SATA II/300 internal hard drive with 32MB cache for a total of 1TB disk space. w00t!

DVDs: One of the August project is to back up K$’s collection.

food and recipes: I tried Dan’s Hamburgers for the first time a couple weeks ago, and they are so much better than Mighty Fine and cost so much less, too! Dan’s has made my Top 5 burgers in Austin. I’m still finalizing that list, but off the top of my head in no particular order: Dirty Martin’s, Burger Tex, The Crown and Anchor Pub, Bagpipes, and now Dan’s. Suggestions are welcome.

movies: The last one I saw in the theater was The Dark Knight at Alamo. Joe finished his short film, but I can’t indulge you with the details ’til after it’s official screening.

music: Delay the Inevitable (DxTxI) is an amazing band.

work: Same ol’ gig that pays the bills. I have a review and a raise pending, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s what I have for now. I really want to update this more often, but we’ll see. Peace out.

the alley oop

I finally had the chance to watch Semi-Pro on DVD tonight. I enjoyed it. I don’t watch enough comedies. I’m looking forward to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight tomorrow night.

I’m winding up for that explosion I mentioned at the end of last month. I’ve just been really hesitant to sit at the computer working at home like I do at work, and updating what you’re reading here right now can feel like work sometimes.

I’ll give you the quick life update, since I’m not sure when I’ll be writing in this again (but I will soon I promise!).

Work is pretty much the same as usual. Tomorrow is my literal nine to five, but I can enjoy the afternoon into the evening with the few extra hours I get to savor. Thursdays fly so fast, too. Then it’s Friday then the weekend. My workload has been lightening up some, and it’s not so hectic as it was a few months ago. I still have to deal with fixing human error all the time, but that’s part of the job description.

I’ve been trying to read more and more. I’m into the third chapter of The Worthing Saga which isn’t very far but it’s the farthest I’ve gotten in a novel in a long time and these chapters are long.

I’m working through reading my recent back issues of series that are still going right now. Let me just mention a few: Young Liars, Cable, X-Force, Young X-Men, 1985, The End League, Transhuman, Omega the Unknown, and Hulk. Those are the fresh titles I’m keeping up with right now. Uncanny X-Men #500 comes out next week, and it has something like four variant covers of course. One is by Alex Ross, but I’m sure that’ll be one of the rare ones. I’m just going for the one the regular one, because I only read Uncanny X-Men in 1991 when they were about to hit the 300th issue. You know… when Bishop made his first appearance in #282.

I’ve also got a stack of Asimov pulp that I’ll be slowly churning through for summer reading.

I RMA’ed c0rey’s motherboard. I think I mentioned that in an earlier post, but I’m too focused on getting this done and going to sleep to wake up way too early tomorrow for work to check if I did or not. They said a ten business-day turnaround. It’s been way longer than that. I called them up, because their RMA search engine does not work at all for me. They know they have it, but they told me that they’re still working on it. I hope it shows up next week. It’s been too long.

The Twin Machines are doing well. k0rma folds 24/7 now. When they’re both on, the case gets way too hot. I haven’t fired on 1nertia in days, because the fan on the heatsink it too loud for my taste when the processor is on full load. I’m thinking of getting a silent HSF, but I’m still thinking about it. The one on c0rey is pretty quiet. I’ve also been looking at a Thermaltake, but I have that dilemma of having an X2 5200+ with 1MB L2 cache that gets really toasty and the Thermaltake I’m looking at is really designed for low-wattage processors.

Gas has practically hit four bucks a gallon. I have posts from not too long ago where I’m surprised it was three bucks a gallon. The summer is too hot for me. I’m not really an outdoors person during the summer except at night.

I’m reaching the end of my ramble ’cause I’m done with things to type for tonight. Peace out.

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the higgs boson

Before I start on my taxes for the night, I am going to write a short post for the day.

Today’s been relaxing. Mare and I stopped by the mall so she could return some clothes she order through mailorder. I found a fifty-pack of name brand DVD+R’s at Radio Shack for only twelve bucks including tax. Score! Mare also landed a copy of Jon Stewart’s America for only seven bucks at the mall bookstore. That was a definite score, because Half Price Books doesn’t sell that book for that cheap.

I also picked up my month’s supply of new comics. Even though I’m sooo behind on some of the series I read on a regular basis, I still have to keep up with the collecting. I just finished reading through the second issues of both Kick-Ass and Cable. I’m going to try to catch up on my comic reading by reading a comic a day and if I don’t, then it’ll be two the next day, etc.

The commentary to an episode of Mission Hill is currently playing in the background. I wish that series would have lasted longer than it did.

When I went by my mom’s yesterday, I had a jury summons letter waiting for me. I went online today to do the online version of impaneling. Unfortunately, I’m assigned to attend jury duty on the 24th. Grumble.

Well, the Mission Hill episode just ended. I think I’ll throw another one on while I start sorting through all my tax-filing paperwork. Tonight, TurboTax and I will be involved in a late night rendezvous.

the tangible

Not too much is going on lately. Time just keeps ticking away.

My copy of X-Force #1 with the variant cover came in. I won it off eBay, and it made a journey all the way from Canada. I think I’ve gotten my variant cover fix for the time being, since I’ve managed to score this one and the Cable #1 variant.

I completed my copies of Aeon Flux: The Complete Animated Collection today. The discs arrived in the mail. I had a copy of the second disc for the longest time but never got around to getting the other two. I am very much a fan of that ’90s cartoon.

I fixed the visual mode in WP last night. I am very content. I learned the importance of deactivating all of the plugins before installing WP. Now I can resume the comfort of writing these posts with the visual editor versus the HTML editor. I use both, but I use the visual editor much more. I know the blog elitists don’t use it as much, but I really enjoy the comfort. For example, Ctrl+B turns things bold. Instead of having to code in the or highlighting the text and hitting the bold-formatting icon, I can hit Ctrl+B. Shortcuts are shortcuts for a reason.

Dammit. OK, I just saved, and all the formatting was lost. What a headache. Oh well… I thought I had it fixed but I guess not. I hope when the official release of 2.5 is out that this problem will go away.

So back to life. Life is good. Work is work. Mare and I will be enjoying a pork tenderloin seasoned with a roasted garlic & herb mix and brushed with organic barbecue sauce. We had the same thing last week, and it was so good that we consumed the whole thing. On the side will be some yummy mashed potatoes.

One of the main components at work wasn’t functioning correctly which definitely affected my efficiency. I really don’t like the feeling when something’s not working right (like the visual editor in WP), and it keeps me from doing my job as quickly as possible. Seriously though, it’s 2008. Most of the industries in the country are driven by computers these days.

This rant’s over. I’ve gotta get dinner going. I know it’s late, but Mare picked up a shift at work is won’t be back ’til almost eleven. It’s cool though. Peace out.

the 9 to 4

I had to get up wicked early this morning, and I mean this by own standards. I normally work the dream shift of 12pm-8pm, but I had a meeting scheduled at 9am. I was five minutes early to work, and not to my surprise, the meeting didn’t occur. I’m sure it will happen next Thursday. I think my GM was under the weather.

Today is hott. Spring has returned, and the heat returns with it.

I mentioned the food consumption shift of weeks following payday. I have this mapped out so far:

  • Friday night, Trudy’s
  • Saturday afternoon, China Star
  • Tuesday, Pluckers

With the rest of my hard-earned dollars, I will pay rent and bills, afford groceries, pour overpriced petrol into my tank, and blow the rest on entertainment that includes but is not limited to comic books.

Speaking of comics, aside from my usual monthly subscriptions and awesome scores on eBay, I scoped out a local Half-Price Books to see if they had any gems. Yes, they did.

I scored both issues of the 2-issue Cable mini-series from the nineties as well as the first issue of the second volume of Cable. I also scored the Gen-13 graphic novel for half-price of course. I also landed three of the four issues of Cloak and Dagger.

Back in the ’80s, comics were relatively inexpensive. The cover price on the Cloak and Dagger issues were 60¢ each. Yes, I got them for half-price meaning that I paid less than a dollar for all three of them which would have been less than if I had bought them in the ’80s.

Granted that these books could only pass for good to fine condition, I only paid half-price for them. The comics shop up the street would have at least charged cover price if not a little more to recoup inventory costs plus they have a decent back issue selection but it’s definitely been picked over.

The Half-Price Books nearby is relatively new. I’d say it’s not even a couple years old. Imagine the gems I can find at the other Half-Price Books in this town. My ongoing mission is going to spend time in each one seeing what I can get. Condition doesn’t matter to me unless the book is ripped, stained, or has evidence of water damage. No more back issue buying for this guy at comic shops. It’s all Half-Price Books ’til my mission’s complete.

With the vast selection of comics at my fingertips itching for me to pull the $$ from my wallet in exchange, I can always find something worth reading some day. Oooh… pictures! Then again, comics aren’t a simple medium these days. Notice how they’ve invaded cinema and television, have been converted into books and novels as well as the reverse of cinema and television being converted into comics. Amazing, yes.

So this is my rant for today. Technically, I’d be getting out of work about two and a half hours from now but I pulled a 9 to 4 shift. Tomorrow, I’m doing a 12 to 6 which is going to be extra awesome ’cause the weekend really is around the corner and this cog will have been paid. TGTF. Peace out.