the filet-o-fish jingle + lyrics

In 2009, McDonald’s aired a television commercial featuring a Big Mouth Billy Bass-type character named Frankie the Fish. This “copyfish” sang an annoying jingle to a Casio keyboard-quality tune and made its way into our heads like a parasite.

With Lent going on right now, many restaurants have brought back their fish, shrimp, and seafood menu items. Mickey D’s has been promoting their Filet-O-Fish® with the accompanying jingle returning to the airwaves.

If you have been living in a cave for the past month, have never heard it, or want to make your ears bleed, then push Play to hear this infamous jingle:

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish® Jingle
by Frankie the Fish

Recorded from 101.5 KROX FM on 2010-03-16 with a Mambo Clamp.


McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish® Jingle Lyrics

Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish®!
Gimme that fish! (ah!)

Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish®!
Gimme that fish!

What if it were you hanging up on this wall?
If it were you in that sandwich, you wouldn’t be laughing at all!


Modern Soapbox and all of its affiliates are not sponsored by and do not endorse McDonald’s, the Filet-O-Fish® sandwich, and the no-talent ass clown Frankie the Fish. This post has been provided for information and entertainment purposes only.

the austin stock photography + creative works of dan herron

Austin commercial still and video photographer Dan Herron launched a couple sites this year that display his incredible talents. If you’re searching for some excellent high-quality, royalty-free stock photography of Austin Texas, then click over to for some of the best photography of the city. Everything from the Austin skyline to notable landmarks fill his galleries and will give you the best impressions of Austin’s beauty and uniqueness.

Dan also runs Herron Creative Works, a marketing and advertising firm that provides ideas and solutions to clients seeking solutions and specializes in design, photography, and video production. Austin is saturated with creative minds, but Herron Creative Works is a breath of fresh air that separates itself from the rest. Rather than sift through the congestion of so-called creativity in this town, save time and effort by just contacting Dan and getting it right the first time.

Dan was a marcom manager for a company that downsized earlier this year and is currently looking for a steady gig. He has professional marketing and branding skills in PM, Web 2.0, graphic design, photography, and film editing.

the thundercloud subs radio jingle

Fellow Austinites who tune into 101X have probably heard the annoying jingle that Thundercloud Subs is currently playing. I would have to say that it is currently tied with the Reid’s Cleaners jingle that is currently playing on television but loses severely to the local Gatti’s commercial (“Dial 4 5 9 22 22 and get a Mr. Gatti’s pizza delivered…real cheese… real h0tt…”). Thundercloud’s previous jingle was mostly tolerable at least.

Thundercloud Subs
2009 Radio Jingle

Recorded from 101.5 KROX FM on 2009-03-27 at 0748 with a Mambo Clamp.

_____________~* BONUS *~_____________

For those of you who have never heard this and have been told to listen but may lack Flash support on your browser (or just want your own copy) can click the MP3 icon to download it to your computer.


_____________~* DOUBLE BONUS *~_____________

Thundercloud Subs Radio Jingle lyrics

When I’m really hungry and I want something good,

I go to the Thundercloud in my neighborhood.

The sandwich makers are friends of mine ’cause I’m in there all the time.

When my stomach starts to grumble, you can bet I happily stumble into Thundercloud Subs!

For a hometown vibe with delicious grub…

Thundercloud Subs!

It’s a tasty place that everybody loves.

Armadillo lady on a date with a stallion,

She’s a Veggie Delight and he’s a New York Italian.

You gotta eat. You know it’s true.

While you’re in the neighborhood, here’s what you do…

You go to Thundercloud Subs!

(roast beef avocado)

Thundercloud Subs!


It was drilled into my brain for a couple days, but I have yet to succumb to its temptation by getting one of their delicious NY Italians. We’ll see.

Please share your thoughts and/or opinions to the rest of the world about what you think of this jingle, since you’ve stumbled across this page almost by accident. I’m sure you’d like to be heard, and everyone will read what you wrote and might have the courage to comment, too.

the memory foam mattress

Today, my memory foam mattress arrived in the mail. I entered a video contest back in December, and the company hosting the contest picked the ten best videos. The contest was to make a commercial for the company. The winners received a free memory foam mattress with a foundation. The video I made with Neil was the eighth one picked.

My previous bed was a six-year-old, full-size bed. One of the legs on the bed frame had bent and was replaced with a block of wood to keep the bed level. The box spring had a busted board in it. The mattress had springs, and they were creaking. I actually sampled the creaking of my bed to be the annoying opening sounds of the video I entered.

I also had a memory foam pad for added comfort on my full-size bed. The thing was a nuisance, because it slid around and really loved to partially slide off the bed. The fitted sheet didn’t keep it from sliding.

This new queen-size bed from is amazing. My initial thought about it was that it is definitely the bed of the future.

Two boxes arrived at my door. One box contained the foundation. It was a long box, and it was full of wood pieces. I thought assembling it was going to be a hassle, but it actually wasn’t. The pieces fit together perfectly, and the package with the nuts and bolts even came with a wrench to tighten it all down. One of the odd parts were the boards that were attached with thick plastic strips, but it made sense when they were laid down. The other odd part was the piece of cardboard that wrapped the boards inside the box was used for the top of the foundation. None of that mattered though, because the package included a cover to conceal the wooden part of the foundation.

I was a little surprised that it didn’t have a bed frame, but after it was all assembled, I was able to see why. After the foundation was put together, it appeared like the bed was going to be the same size as my full but longer. This was incorrect.

The other box was the mattress. It was fairly big and pretty heavy. Inside this box were: a protective cover for the mattress, a European down mattress pad (bonus!), and the memory foam mattress itself.

The mattress was in a bag that seemed like it would slip off easily. Not true. I busted out the scissors and sliced that bag off. No big deal. The mattress itself was rolled like a Fruit Roll-Up in a vacuum-sealed bag held in its cylindrical form with plastic wrap.

The plastic wrap was removed, and the bed unrolled and was folded in half. It wouldn’t unfold without cutting the edge of the bag it was in. I must have cut into the seal, because the mattress started to restore itself to its full size as it was being set up. I’d say it grew three times its size once the vacuum seal was removed.

The mattress was longer and wider than my full-size bed. This was something I assumed, but after assembling the foundation, I was thinking that it was only going to be longer.

After putting on the protective sheet and the down mattress pad, I put on my old fitted sheet but it wouldn’t fit. I left it on as much as it would fit, but I do plan on purchasing one that fits.

I laid down on the mattress, and it felt like I was laying on a dense cloud and all of the pressure in my back started easing away. I could feel my lower back muscles cry in happiness while the memory foam consumed my tired body. The feeling was a mix of pleasure and pain. The pleasure was the relaxation generated from laying in the bed. The pain was the response from my back muscles feeling the immense comfort.

A memory foam mattress always remembers.

Memory foam mattresses are really the beds of the future. I’m done with spring beds and all of that other fancy overpriced snake oil. The noisy creaks are gone forever, my old memory foam pad is useless because the mattress itself is memory foam, and the bed is larger than my old one which is a definite plus.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to receive a memory foam mattress. I would like to thank for giving me this opportunity, and Neil for helping make a winning video.