the respect for durable machines

The last day of July has quickly arrived which marks the last day that I have to squeeze a post in to keep up with my minimum of one personal post per month update that I’ve been managing for a few months now. I don’t have much to update you with here, so I’ll hopefully keep it short this time.

Texas heat has been in the 100+ range for many days straight. We are going to San Antonio today to go to Sea World. I had a delicious barbacoa torta with onions and cilantro added on Saturday morning. I also took a nap that lasted much longer than I wanted.

I have finally caught up on Masterchef. Other TV shows with new episodes that I’m currently keeping up with are: Breaking Bad, Louie, Weeds, Entourage, Ugly Americans, and Hell’s Kitchen.

This month has been pretty redundant. I continue to work 40 hours 5 days a week like many Americans earning their living do. The weekends go by way too fast, but I am still very grateful that I get a two-day moment between the five daily doses of monotony that I consider a job. After each workday, I like to stay indoors like many Texans until the weather cools off a bit.

I have to get some rest now since I have to get up early for our day trip to San Antonio to visit Sea World. I’ve never been, and I hope we have a good time. I know it’s late, but I’m still up since I had that long nap. Until later on in August… Peace out.

the entourage intro oddity

I’m working through the DVD box sets of the first four seasons of Entourage. This HBO show is very enjoyable. The character chemistry and nature of the situation sets it apart from all of the other shows.

After seeing the introduction sequence over twenty times and hearing the catchy Jane’s Addiction tune over and over again, I spotted something odd with the fast-paced footage of the boys driving down the street. The clip where Adrian Grenier’s name is superimposed on the lit sign of a convenience store is flipped horizontally. Check it out:

You can easily notice that the word ‘PIZZA’ on the sign is flipped. Then you notice that the ‘ATM’ neon sign in the window is flipped, the two other instances of the ‘PIZZA’ in the neons are flipped, and the Pepsi logo used by the pizzeria’s sign is flipped.

The editor thought he could pull a fast one, but my eyes were a little faster. Although this is something trivial, it belongs on IMDb’s fun facts or one of those sites that catalogues this kind of nonsense.

OK… so I just checked IMDb and it’s already on the Goofs section. Oh well… I’m not deleting this post. 😉