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the 4tb of disk space for under $280 |

Storage continues to decrease in price providing dataphiles with more terabytes than most of them can shake a stick at. Fantom keeps breaking the mold in large-capacity disk drives at the most affordable prices. If you need four terabytes for business or personal use, the right solution for you has recently gone on sale. Sure, […]

the 1tb external hard drive for under $70 |

Backing up your data provides you with peace of mind and ensures that in the event of hardware failure, your valuable information can be restored instead of being forever lost. Data can be important documents, priceless digital photographs, your music collection, home videos, and other kinds of formats that keep your life together. The thought […]

the 640gb portable hard drive for $100

To netbook and notebook enthusiasts, portability is a priority on the list of requirements that additional devices should provide. The Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive keeps this in mind with its sleek and compact design. One of the biggest advantages of these external hard drives is that the power source is combined with the […]

the maxtor terabyte external hard drive deal (1TB for under a hundred!)

Imagine this scenario. You’re working on a project on your computer that you’ve been cranking on for the past month. You hear thunder crackling outside and hard rain is hitting the window in the room. All of sudden the power flickers and quickly comes back on. The sound of the printer flipping back on and […]

the terabyte external hard drive deal #2 (1TB !)

If you’re looking for some of the best prices online for electronics, then you can find them at the weekly deals. Each week, lists sale items and clearance blowouts on all kinds of items that include computers, storage media, computer accessories, system upgrades, and other digital delights. In a previous post this month, […]