the 4tb of disk space for under $280 |

Storage continues to decrease in price providing dataphiles with more terabytes than most of them can shake a stick at. Fantom keeps breaking the mold in large-capacity disk drives at the most affordable prices. If you need four terabytes for business or personal use, the right solution for you has recently gone on sale.

Sure, USB 2.0 is fast. eSATA is faster. This external disk storage system has an eSATA connection to read and write those ones and zeroes as fast as an internal SATA connection. Maximum sustained data transfer rate is greater than 100MB/s, so you can blame the lag on other components in your system if you ever experience the dilemma.

The built-in RAID controller allows you customize the hard drives within to your required RAID setting. Data loss is minimized, and you can have peace of mind that the integrity of your data will be protected. Don’t pass up this all-in-one eSATA/RAID/4TB system if you’re looking for the current lowest price on storage solutions. $70 a terabyte? Weren’t they more than twice that only a few years ago?

4TB may be a bit much for you, but you may need it in the future. With file sizes and system demands growing larger as newer innovations in technology are made available, the current state of computing has no regard for storage limitations. Make sure you have more than enough space to store your data before the Insufficient Disk Space Monster finds you.

the 1tb external hard drive for under $70 |

Backing up your data provides you with peace of mind and ensures that in the event of hardware failure, your valuable information can be restored instead of being forever lost. Data can be important documents, priceless digital photographs, your music collection, home videos, and other kinds of formats that keep your life together. The thought of losing everything because you did not back up your data can lead to a whirlwind of frustration.

You should always have at least two copies of your important data. An inexpensive solution is to invest in a 1TB external hard drive on sale for $70 and set up your backup software to copy all of your files to this drive periodically. Depending on your level of paranoia, you may want to do this weekly or even daily.

Storage has become very affordable. A terabyte of disk space can hold more than the average computer user has on their computer’s hard drive. Whether you download episodes of your favorite television shows, catalog all of the music you like, or back up your DVD collection, a 1TB hard drive is a valuable tool in storing and protecting your files. The price is irresistable, and we live in a computing society that has advanced to a point where valuable data should never be lost.

the 640gb portable hard drive for $100

To netbook and notebook enthusiasts, portability is a priority on the list of requirements that additional devices should provide. The Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive keeps this in mind with its sleek and compact design.

One of the biggest advantages of these external hard drives is that the power source is combined with the USB cable. Unlike the larger relatives, the FreeAgent Go does not require an additional wire with an adapter on the other end to power it on. One less wire means one less item to carry around.

A hard drive as attractive as this seems like it would have a price tag that might deem it undesirable. Consider this. The tuxedo black FreeAgent Go packs a hefty 640GB of storage at a reasonable sale price of $99.99 with free shipping. That sounds synonymous to a great deal.

640GB is plenty of space to store your files, backups, music, videos, documents, and anything else you would keep on a hard drive. The software is preloaded, so you won’t need to deal with a CD when plugging it in. The hard drive on your netbook or notebook probably isn’t near the size of this puppy, so you might want to consider dropping the Benjamin on one to make sure you’ll have plenty of disk space to go around.

the maxtor terabyte external hard drive deal (1TB for under a hundred!)

Imagine this scenario. You’re working on a project on your computer that you’ve been cranking on for the past month. You hear thunder crackling outside and hard rain is hitting the window in the room. All of sudden the power flickers and quickly comes back on. The sound of the printer flipping back on and the glow of the boot screen fill the room while all of your electronics restart.

You have the habit of the saving every five minutes which is a good thing, but you notice that your hard drive is making a weird clicking sound now and the computer keeps restarting. You spend hours tinkering with it to no avail. Your saving habit doesn’t pay off this time, and you don’t really back your data up. A month of work is no longer accessible, and a lesson is learned.

If you had a Maxtor OneTouch 4, then you would have avoided this dilemma. If you had to put a price on all those hard hours you invested into that project, then I’m sure that it’d be worth more than a hundred bucks. This 1TB external hard drive is on sale for an irresistible price (~10¢/GB) that will give you peace of mind and protect your data.

Whatever you need to back up can be easily stored on this hard drive: photos, music, video, documents, pr0n, and any other files stored on your computer. A trusted brand and a thousand gigs of storage for a penny less than a hundred with free shipping is an online offer that everyone who uses a computer and stores important data on their local hard drive should not pass up before it’s too late.

the terabyte external hard drive deal #2 (1TB !)

If you’re looking for some of the best prices online for electronics, then you can find them at the weekly deals. Each week, lists sale items and clearance blowouts on all kinds of items that include computers, storage media, computer accessories, system upgrades, and other digital delights.

In a previous post this month, I mentioned an awesome deal on a 1TB USB 2.0 external hard drive. The price on that one has gone up only a couple bucks, but I’m sure it was to make this newer deal I’m about to mention even more enticing.

For a penny less than a C-note, you can be the proud owner of a SimpleTech SimpleDrive 1TB USB 2.0 external hard drive. This sets a new personal rule for me: Don’t spend more than a hundred bucks on a 1TB hard drive these days.

Having all of your important data backed up on one of these large external storage devices will give you peace of mind in case of a flood, a fire, or irreversible system failure. If you were in a scramble due to unfortunate circumstances and could only grab one piece of your computer network, then this should be that piece.

Sure, some of you may say your notebook computer, but I doubt the hard drive in your notebook holds more than a terabyte. I’m also sure that some of you have data that’s worth more than the notebook whether the value is sentimental or monetary.

A terabyte may seem extremely large now but will be dwarfed in five years. Someone who has backed up their giant DVD collection or edits video regularly is aware that a terabyte of storage won’t hold it all. Regardless, a terabyte external hard drive for this price is well worth investing in. The deal is even sweeter with the free shipping. Don’t miss out. These deals don’t last long, and a item like this in high demand is known to go out-of-stock.