the ice cream melts

In order to keep the promise to myself to update this collection of writing at least once a month, here is June 2011’s installment of what’s going on in my life.

June has flown by fast like the previous five months of this year so far, and I key this in during the last few hours of the last day of this month. With hope of not spending too much time updating you to be able to get the few items on today’s checklist complete before I call it a night, I will again attempt to keep this post short.

Almost effortlessly, I had three job interviews this month, none of which got me better employment with another company therefore amounting to a waste of my time. The first interview was almost successful, but something occurred on the company’s end that prevented me from getting the position. I’ll just say the person I was replacing didn’t want to be replaced after all. The company claimed to make a difference in people’s lives, and they definitely made a difference in mine.

The second interview was a subpar phone interview. I didn’t have what it took to nail the interview, and the person conducting the interview was a condescending jerk that clearly didn’t understand my email reply about not having all of the experience necessary but possessed the passion to earn it.

I nailed the third interview which was a phone interview as well but still ended up not getting the job. I’m under the impression that my status of being currently employed had a big influence on their decision, since I’m sure they needed to fill the position immediately. I am also happy to admit that I was overqualified for the position but was going for it to bring change to my day job existence.

So much for keeping this post short.

I saw a dentist for the first time in years. I bet it’s been over five years, closer to six or seven. I had a toothache for a whole week that rendered me almost useless for a few days. I would just work my eight hours then rush home to suffer the excruciating pain. The dentist referred me to an oral surgeon that extracted the tooth, my first adult tooth I’ve had to lose. I still have all of my wisdom teeth, but those will hopefully be pulled some time next year before they cause me any serious problems.

My eight-hour workdays have recently turned into ten-hour workdays. Purgatory has extended my shift, because they need my mad skills. Ha. I can’t really complain about getting a fatter check and the boost in income that I was seeking with those interviews that fell into my lap.

M&I went to San Antonio this past weekend to visit one of my best friends and his wife. We ate at Timbo’s for lunch then checked out the zoo. For dinner, we went to Big Lou’s Pizza to feast on their 42″ pie. Our party of seven was unfortunately unable to finish it, but I was able to consume my share. The pizza is delicious, and I would go back but maybe not get such a big pie unless we promise to dominate it.

I did have the dream of conquering the Four Horsemen burger at Chunky’s but decided against it after reading reviews on Yelp, hearing about the horror stories involving vomit, the questionable cleanliness of the restaurant itself, and the fact you get a barf bucket, the option of wearing gloves, have to sign a waiver, and have to pay 17 bucks if you don’t finish it. Maybe I’ll have the courage one day but maybe not.

I attempted my fifth victory of the Pluckers Fire In The Hole challenge earlier in the month. The wings were enormous on our visit, and the 50-piece we split actually had 56 pieces. The drummies were almost the size of regular drumsticks. Our defeat was a result of the amount of food and not the heat. This was my first failure for the challenge, but I will get on the South Lamar Wall of Flame one of these days.

We also tried a new wing bar called Wingzup that has a Ghost pepper wing sauce. Unfortunately, it’s made with Ghost chili powder, not fresh peppers. It was decently fiery, but no Fire In The Hole. The service was excellent. The food quality and presentation was stellar. They have a neat gimmick of serving beer in plastic towers with a tap at the bottom. We may return if we’re in the area. They gave us discount coupons, so that makes it even more desirable to return.

I am so relieved that my toothache has been eliminated as you can tell with all of the food talk you just read. The experience of suffering a toothache diminished my spirit, but that is behind me now.

Summer television programming is slowly making its way back into our lives. I’ll be hanging on to my current job that isn’t so bad for a while longer. Life is treating me well, and I will update this again some time next month. Peace out.

the pluckin’ good time

This month has been good to me. Tonight was one of the two scheduled Pluckers nights. I went for five Fire in the Hole wings like I did the last time. Five is not so bad. Any more is death. They’re hott, but they’re tolerable in smaller increments.

The posse included K$, Neil, Gunner, Rhino, Mare & me. We made an awesome bone pile as we ate and made it more awesome when we finished.

The waiter tonight was terrible. He just wasn’t doing his job. You have to keep the glasses filled for people eating Fire in the Hole wings. He also missed putting in the order for our side of waffle fries. He just wasn’t paying enough attention to us and taking too long to get things done.

On top of the waiter’s bad service, he had the nerve to hit us with a 17% gratuity on the bill. I understand that parties over five are prone to this charge, but it is the choice of the server whether to hit us with a grat or not.

I’ve been to Pluckers on the corner of Research and Burnet multiple times, and this is the first time we’ve been hit with it when I was with the group. The other servers don’t do it, and they’re really nice to us. They actually do their jobs, and see around a 20% tip from us. I’m sure he knew he wasn’t doing his job, so he had to snake us for the tip rather than earn it.

Apart from the lack of good service, this was a good visit to Pluckers. The food is great, the environment is fun, and being in the company of friends is pure gold.

the 3hirty (aka the april post challenge)

Similar to what I did in February, I am challenging myself to do the same for the month of April. Will this be a bimonthly challenge? I don’t know but by the looks of it, quite possibly.

I have another post that I will be writing tonight, and this will be the April kick-off post.

What’s going on this month?

I turn another year not this Friday but next.

Uncle Sam & friends get to keep the piece of what they borrowed from my paycheck and hopefully I’ll get some of it back. These past few years haven’t been too nice to me in regards to tax returns.

My mother’s birthday is this month. To be exact, it’s on Earth Day.

That same day, Sleepercar’s debut album, West Texas, will officially be released. I’ve gotten the chance to listen to it already, and I enjoy it. I hope they return to Austin soon, because I will definitely attend.

The following day, Thrice will be rocking out Stubb’s. I’m excited about this show. I really hope that they play To Awake and Avenge the Dead, but that may be unlikely with the direction they’ve taken their music. I can hope though, right?


Thrice: If you somehow found yourself reading this, please play To Awake and Avenge the Dead at your Austin show in April. We miss that song, and we were disappointed when you didn’t play it at your last show. NOFX played The Decline in its entirety, and I never thought I’d get to witness that live. Is playing one of your most loved songs by some of your most loyal fans too hard to fulfill?

I know you have to promote The Alchemy Index, but To Awake… doesn’t even clock in at three minutes so I’m sure it’ll leave plenty of space to play all those songs. I probably sound like I’m begging at this point (which I am ’cause I’m on my knees typing this… j/k), but I’m sure Ian would lose more faith in you if you don’t play that song.

Ian, High Priest of the Church of Ianism, represents the status quo of your fanbase. He’s loved you guys since The Illusion of Safety and has attended every show you’ve played in Austin since. So have I, and this is our only request: Please play To Awake and Avenge the Dead at the Austin show. I know you guys listen to your fans ’cause you guys aren’t some artificial formation cooked up in a major label’s lab.


OK… enough of that. I think those are the main highlights of April. Well, today is technically April Fool’s Day. I’m sure my workmates, who can be very dimwitted at times, are going to want to play an office prank or two on me or each other at work later today. They actually tried to pull the ol’ “keep the optical mouse from functioning correctly” prank, and I debunked that sucker in less than two seconds. WEAK!

Lesser highlights this month will include my two visits to Pluckers, one of which is tomorrow. Their food is delicious, and with Tuesday being fifty-cent wing night and two-dollar Shiners, my experience is improved that much more. K$ is claiming to get on the Wall of Flame eventually and had mentioned that he was going to conquer some Fire in the Hole wings tomorrow. I’m not sure if he remembered, but we’ll see.

This is the kick-off post for the April Post Challenge. Wish me luck. Peace out.

the acceptance of defeat

Around 8:30pm, a vehicle with Mare, K$ and I pulled into the Crossroads shopping center off Burnet to enjoy some wings at Pluckers. Neil and Gunner were already waiting by the entrance.

What ensued behind those doors was the anticipated battle between me and wings covered in Fire In The Hole sauce. To prepare myself, I also ordered a handful of teriyaki wings and a handful of Jamaican jerk wings. The jerk wings weren’t too great, but the teriyaki wings were delicious.

I was bold enough to attempt to conquer ten Fire In The Hole wings. I felt ready. K$ had ordered ten himself, and Neil ordered five. The heat was on.

To get on the Wall of Flame, someone has to eat at least 25 Fire In The Hole wings. I wanted to get on that wall. The reigning champ is some guy who conquered 120 wings. Insanity.

Have you ever been up for challenge you felt you could win but got schooled so hard regardless? That was me tonite. Ten gallons of water later, I only made it through seven wings and just had to throw in the towel. We spent over two hours at Pluckers as we tried to conquer the Fire In The Hole wings to no avail.

I admit it. Fire In The Hole wings are ruthless. Evidence of the sauce is still embedded in my fingertips, and I’m reminded of the mortal kombat that ensued known as eating Fire In The Hole wings. I’ve even washed my hands with soap and hot water. Still, it’s like when you get gasoline on your skin. The essence won’t go away until it feels like it.

In the wise words written for the caption on the guy’s Polaroid who ate the 120 wings, “The poo flame cometh.”

the fire in the hole

This post was going to be titled “the poo flame cometh,” but I think I may save that title for the update after the battle.

The game plan after I’m out of work later today is to meet up with Neil & company at Pluckers on Burnet to experience the wrath that is called Fire In The Hole, the hottest wing sauce in town.

I’ve heard it was unbearable, but I have to witness this myself. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to conquer, but we’ll have to see.

Wish me luck.