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the life with playstation [email protected] project concludes

Sunday, November 4th, 2012, was the last morning when [email protected] on Life With Playstation received my Playstation 3’s last completed work unit. One of the selling points for my reason of getting a PS3 was the capability of donating more CPU power to the distributed computing project. I took these last screenshots to preserve the […]

the 4 million points earned

I just checked my [email protected] stats, and I just reached 4 million points today. w00t! I’ve been folding since 2001, and points did not accumulate very quickly until multi-core processors surfaced. Typical work units will earn around 150-250 points each, but the ones I usually fold now will earn almost 2000 points each. Those numbers […]

the texas snow

Only in Texas will the weather be a comfortable ~70°F during the day, large gusts of wind come through in the late afternoon, and snow falls from the sky a half hour ’til midnight. Mare took a picture of her Vespa as the snow started falling. The bandwidth in the apartment is currently being eaten […]

the foldman finishes his first fold

c0reyfoldman (machine ID 5) for sigmarevenge (Team 32): May 24, 2008 9am – 1,760 points [08:12:45] [08:12:45] + Processing work unit [08:12:45] Core required: FahCore_a1.exe [08:12:45] Core found. [08:12:45] Working on Unit 01 [May 22 08:12:45] [08:12:45] + Working … [08:12:45] [08:12:45] *——————————* [08:12:45] [email protected] Gromacs SMP Core [08:12:45] Version 1.74 (November 27, 2006) [08:12:45] […]

the brother to the rescue

My Debian machine completed a [email protected] work unit but wasn’t able to send it nor could it obtain a new work unit. I figured that Stanford’s [email protected] servers might be offline. When I checked, they were fully functional. I figured that something was up with Diode, my Debian machine, when it couldn’t connect to the […]