the pluckin’ good time

This month has been good to me. Tonight was one of the two scheduled Pluckers nights. I went for five Fire in the Hole wings like I did the last time. Five is not so bad. Any more is death. They’re hott, but they’re tolerable in smaller increments.

The posse included K$, Neil, Gunner, Rhino, Mare & me. We made an awesome bone pile as we ate and made it more awesome when we finished.

The waiter tonight was terrible. He just wasn’t doing his job. You have to keep the glasses filled for people eating Fire in the Hole wings. He also missed putting in the order for our side of waffle fries. He just wasn’t paying enough attention to us and taking too long to get things done.

On top of the waiter’s bad service, he had the nerve to hit us with a 17% gratuity on the bill. I understand that parties over five are prone to this charge, but it is the choice of the server whether to hit us with a grat or not.

I’ve been to Pluckers on the corner of Research and Burnet multiple times, and this is the first time we’ve been hit with it when I was with the group. The other servers don’t do it, and they’re really nice to us. They actually do their jobs, and see around a 20% tip from us. I’m sure he knew he wasn’t doing his job, so he had to snake us for the tip rather than earn it.

Apart from the lack of good service, this was a good visit to Pluckers. The food is great, the environment is fun, and being in the company of friends is pure gold.