the keeper keeps on keepin on

I look forward to this site celebrating its 5th anniversary this August.

New priorities will be made throughout this year, and the new direction is in progress. The updates here will probably be a lot like last year in terms of frequency, but I hope to have more to share.

I don’t do much brainstorming on here anymore. Almost everything that I do revolves outside this sandbox I once played in often. However, this is also my junk drawer that facilitates the collector aspect to my personality. I’ll try to post more random photos whenever they’re taken. I’ve thought about scanning random flat objects that contain information worth sharing and posting them up here for you to enjoy.

This corner is a lot less busier than it used to be, but people on their internet surfboards from all over the planet still manage to findĀ  something I’ve posted on here that they’ve been digging for in the online cesspool. A majority of the content has value to very few and even just myself. This intellectual property belongs to me, and I’m pleased to be its owner.

A possible New Year’s resolution: Post to Modern Soapbox more often like you did before.

the farm

Just a few updates:

  • Added three new platys to the Hex-5: a gold Mickey Mouse platy, a red Mickey Mouse platy, and a red wag platy. The sunburst wag platy that we still have really likes the company of the red wag.
  • The new editions to the folding farm are still pending completion. The Twin Machines, k0rma and 1nertia, are awaiting their customized acrylic case with vintage stereo cabinet windows for side panels. A few more holes to line up the pieces, and the rest should fall into place.
  • c0rey’s motherboard, an ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI Socket AM2+, has been RMA’ed. ASUS says it will take ten working days from when they receive the board. I mailed it through USPS Priority Mail on Monday night, so they should have it by now. The countdown for c0rey’s rebirth continues.
  • I had this daydream of renting out an air-conditioned storage closet that has power outlets and run a folding farm out of one of those. Once I figure out how to get an internet connection from inside that closet, I will be good to go.

the brother to the rescue

My Debian machine completed a [email protected] work unit but wasn’t able to send it nor could it obtain a new work unit. I figured that Stanford’s [email protected] servers might be offline. When I checked, they were fully functional.

I figured that something was up with Diode, my Debian machine, when it couldn’t connect to the internet. This explained why it wasn’t able to send the work unit or receive a new one.

I did my search engine/forum hunt for a solution and tried the many command line solutions that the GNU/Linux wizards provided to no avail. It was time to bust out the big guns: call up my bro.

I really didn’t want to bug him so late at nite, but he helps me figure these kind of issues out and I was already not thinking straight since I had been tinkering without progress for a while by this time. I was able to access all of computers on the internal network, but Diode couldn’t communicate with the outside which was very odd.

My bro just told me to restart the router, and it solved everything. After digging myself into a really deep technical hole, the last thing on my mind was to reboot the router.

So I’m writing this on my Debian machine successfully connected to the internet as a way of saying thanks. All he really had to do was talk it through with me, and everything was fixed.

In other news, today was my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!