the rock band

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After the Dynamite Boy show, Neil, Mare and I drove back north and stopped by Wally World to pick up the XBox 360 version of the Rock Band Special Edition set that includes the guitar, drums, mic, and game. We planned on picking it up over the weekend, so then was the time.

It was already half past two by the time we were back in the car, and we still needed to pick up Neil’s car, drive back his place, set up the game, and have at it. Following Neil back to his place, I was definitely feeling major fatigue like I didn’t want to set up the game and wait ’til Sunday.

When we finally got to his place, it was close to three. Gunner was on the couch playing his advanced copy of GTA4. I was definitely getting a second wind while we set everything up Once we were ready to go, we played well into the night. By the time we were way too tired, it was already past six in the morning.

I slept in the next day. I slept in hard. When I was fully awake and functioning again, the clock read half past five in the afternoon. I was supposed to accompany my bro to bring my dad to the airport since his short vacation in town this past week ended. My mom ended up taking him to the airport. I think my bro had a Spurs game to watch, but I’m sure he slept through his alarm as well.

Around six, Neil texted me to see if I wanted to play some more Rock Band. They had already started, and K$ brought the second guitar.

That Sunday, K$, Gunner, MJ Carmichael, Neil, Mare, and I were troopers that played Rock Band for six more hours straight. That game is amazing. I love it. It’s very entertaining, and the multiplayer aspect makes it all worth spending so much time playing.

I’m sure we may get down and dirty on it this weekend. I’ll definitely be down. We need to conquer that game no matter how difficult it gets. It has already thrown us a few left hooks but nothing we couldn’t beat down. Demon Semen will conquer the world with its rock! That’s our band name. ; )

the celebration trifecta

This weekend was a success. I’d like to thank K$, Mare, and Neil for orchestrating the events so well, and the memories will stay embedded in my mind.

Friday night was the kick-off for the birthday celebration. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Trudy’s and some quality drinks. I had my complimentary Mexican martini as well as a Cuban martini. It started out with Neil, K$, Mare & me. Dirty Fingers joined us a little later, then Rhino showed up. Later in the night, J-Bone and Justin joined us. We stayed ’til close enjoying each other’s company.

When we first arrived, the parking lot was packed. Unfortunately, the spot I located was underneath a tree. The parking lot that Trudy’s shares with the shopping center next door seems to be a place where all of the birds in Austin love to spend all day and all night up in the trees. We only spent about four hours at Trudy’s. By the time I made it back to the car, it must have been hit twenty times by birds caring less.

Driving around a car with white-accented bird feces is kind of embarrassing. I hand-washed my car for the first time in two or three years the next day at my brother’s before the party.

The party was great. Neil has a big grill, and we made a bunch of burgers and bratwurst. We also had a keg of Ziegen Bock, and ROCK BAND! I’ve never played Rock Band before, but I found it quite entertaining. The drums are difficult, because I’m not a drummer but it sure was fun. I scored a few presents that I really enjoy. K$ got me four graphic novels. Score! Erin got me a humorous coloring book about ’90s pop culture. J-Bone got me a device that plays Name That Tune using an MP3 player. My sister gave me a Buddy Christ bobblehead. I wasn’t really expecting presents, but I got some indeed.

We killed the keg before midnight, but we had other beer floating around the place plus some liquor. I felt everyone had a good time. I hope we have more barbecues in the near future. Maybe not with a keg and too many people but definitely with the core of us.

After recovering for the most part the next day, Neil, K$, Gunner, Mare & I made a trek down to the Salt Lick in Driftwood to complete the celebration trifecta. We all had the all-you-can-eat family meal and stuffed ourselves ’til we couldn’t stuff anymore. I absolutely love their ribs. We also had brisket and sausage. The sides included: coleslaw, mashed potatoes, bread, pickles, and onions. Everyone else loved the bread, but I know it’s just filler.

The best part after we were about to burst was that they let us take the leftovers home. Buffets normally don’t let you do that, but you know they were just going to throw it out anyway. Another bonus for the Salt Lick is that it’s BYOB, so I picked up a twelve-pack of Dos Equis for us to enjoy while we ate. We didn’t drink them all, but I figured it was ’cause we were so full plus we had been drinking a lot the day before. I scored that twelve-pack for twelve bucks at the convenient store. The grocery store normally sells it for fourteen. Dos Equis twelve-packs were less than Shiner Bock twelve-packs surprisingly.

Afterwards, I just went home and spent the rest of the day recovering from my awesome weekend. I read some of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1, watched some Aeon Flux, then put on TMNT: The Animated Series Volume 5 Disc 2 to finally fall asleep. The Case of the Mondays would return when the sun rose again.

the sound of typing in the dark

Today, I woke up this morning and it felt like Saturday. It also felt like it was about 11 in the morning, and I was telling myself that I had to meet my mother in a few hours.

Then I realized that it was Friday, and that it was about a quarter ’til 11. I had almost the right time, but I definitely had the wrong day. Being a Friday, I knew that I was going to have to be at work in an hour. Grumble.

Fortunately, it was Friday.

Friday’s usually come off as a lazy day. I stayed busy most of the day, and it went by fast enough for me. The weather was also wonderful. Today was cool (almost cold) and windy. The air felt fresh.

Usually, my workmates and I figure something to do after they get out of work for the night. Having the super awesome schedule I have, I’m off a few hours earlier than they are. Last week, they had made plans earlier in the week to go to a restaurant we really don’t frequent. I had made plans with Mare to go to Trudy’s.

My brother, Dirty Fingers, K$, Mare, and I all went to Trudy’s around 9:30 for dinner and drinks. I figured we’d meet up with my workmates after Trudy’s ’cause this other place is overpriced and their food isn’t as good. That’s what we attempted to do. We went to the other place, and they weren’t there. I called one of them up, and as it turns out, they decided to go to Trudy’s instead of this place, because one of the guy’s roommates was bringing someone they didn’t like too much and wanted to avoid any possible drama.

Seriously though, that was some PBS (punk *itch *hit). A few of the people in this group are in their early thirties, and they still play those high school games. In the workmate group was three people. Two more would join counting the roommate and his workmate. Then add the five of us and that would make ten. Wouldn’t you figure that with a group of ten that you can avoid one of those people for most of if not the whole night? Then again, I didn’t give them the guarantee that I was going to meet up with them nor did they know we were going to be a party of five (ha!).

Anyway, what I’m saying is that I thought it was extra lame of them to change their plans even though they were really looking forward to it all due to one person.

After getting the news that they went to where we just came from, we went down to the Crown and enjoyed each other’s company which actually turned out to be a great night. On our way back to the car from the other restaurant, the roommate called me. I figured that he had spotted us, but we were already disappointed. I ignored the call, and we just left to go where everybody knows your name.

I’m rehashing what happened a week ago, because today won’t be like that. The guy from work who usually tries to round us up to hang out got denied by all of us. I wasn’t down ’cause of what happened the week before plus my bro’s out of town and because I don’t feel like spending mad cash on alcohol today. I don’t know where I want to go out for dinner tonight. Maybe Kerbey Lane? I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

Peace out.

the 3hirty (aka the april post challenge)

Similar to what I did in February, I am challenging myself to do the same for the month of April. Will this be a bimonthly challenge? I don’t know but by the looks of it, quite possibly.

I have another post that I will be writing tonight, and this will be the April kick-off post.

What’s going on this month?

I turn another year not this Friday but next.

Uncle Sam & friends get to keep the piece of what they borrowed from my paycheck and hopefully I’ll get some of it back. These past few years haven’t been too nice to me in regards to tax returns.

My mother’s birthday is this month. To be exact, it’s on Earth Day.

That same day, Sleepercar’s debut album, West Texas, will officially be released. I’ve gotten the chance to listen to it already, and I enjoy it. I hope they return to Austin soon, because I will definitely attend.

The following day, Thrice will be rocking out Stubb’s. I’m excited about this show. I really hope that they play To Awake and Avenge the Dead, but that may be unlikely with the direction they’ve taken their music. I can hope though, right?


Thrice: If you somehow found yourself reading this, please play To Awake and Avenge the Dead at your Austin show in April. We miss that song, and we were disappointed when you didn’t play it at your last show. NOFX played The Decline in its entirety, and I never thought I’d get to witness that live. Is playing one of your most loved songs by some of your most loyal fans too hard to fulfill?

I know you have to promote The Alchemy Index, but To Awake… doesn’t even clock in at three minutes so I’m sure it’ll leave plenty of space to play all those songs. I probably sound like I’m begging at this point (which I am ’cause I’m on my knees typing this… j/k), but I’m sure Ian would lose more faith in you if you don’t play that song.

Ian, High Priest of the Church of Ianism, represents the status quo of your fanbase. He’s loved you guys since The Illusion of Safety and has attended every show you’ve played in Austin since. So have I, and this is our only request: Please play To Awake and Avenge the Dead at the Austin show. I know you guys listen to your fans ’cause you guys aren’t some artificial formation cooked up in a major label’s lab.


OK… enough of that. I think those are the main highlights of April. Well, today is technically April Fool’s Day. I’m sure my workmates, who can be very dimwitted at times, are going to want to play an office prank or two on me or each other at work later today. They actually tried to pull the ol’ “keep the optical mouse from functioning correctly” prank, and I debunked that sucker in less than two seconds. WEAK!

Lesser highlights this month will include my two visits to Pluckers, one of which is tomorrow. Their food is delicious, and with Tuesday being fifty-cent wing night and two-dollar Shiners, my experience is improved that much more. K$ is claiming to get on the Wall of Flame eventually and had mentioned that he was going to conquer some Fire in the Hole wings tomorrow. I’m not sure if he remembered, but we’ll see.

This is the kick-off post for the April Post Challenge. Wish me luck. Peace out.

the ultra-busy

Today was one of those days at work when the work starts as soon as I clocked in and wasn’t going to end for another eight hours. As much as I get to sit down at a computer and do my job, my head still feels worn out at the end of the day.

Neil came by for dinner tonite. We had porkloin, veggies, and mashed potatoes. Mare did an excellent job at cooking it all. Afterwards, we met up with K$ at the Crpwn (sic).


Anyway, I’m gonna get to my late night viewing to sleep after this. I know I’m three posts short, but I am focused to make it up to you before Friday. Actually, I’ll have to make it up to you by tomorrow nite ’cause Friday nite is NOFX!

To conclude and because I’m tired, check out Journey performing Don’t Stop Believin’ live, and here are three reasons why Steve Perry is Steve Perry in this video:

  1. The leopard print shirt was meant for a woman.
  2. He can pass as someone’s mother.
  3. He has no shame wearing tight pants with his package outlined for all to see.