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the compliment of talking about questionable charms

Here are some quick highlights for each category to keep you in the loop. life: wake up, go to work, go home, eat my one good meal for the weekday with Mare, stay up ’til it’s time to go to sleep, sleep, repeat until the weekend, then the weekend flies by in two days and […]

the machines that coexist with us can also have baby pictures

The Twin Machines (left to right): k0rma & 1nertia Born SAT 2008-JUN-27 3PM

the farm

Just a few updates: Added three new platys to the Hex-5: a gold Mickey Mouse platy, a red Mickey Mouse platy, and a red wag platy. The sunburst wag platy that we still have really likes the company of the red wag. The new editions to the folding farm are still pending completion. The Twin […]