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With a paid subscription to WIRED magazine, readers are given a free gift. One of the gifts is How To, a guide published in August 2007 on how to do a multitude of tasks.

The contents are divided up into three sections: how to work, how to live, and how to play.

Some of the articles include:

  • Popularize a Meme
  • Multitask
  • Ace a Press Interview
  • Get Promoted
  • Actually Work From Home
  • Dress Like a Professional
  • Use LinkedIn
  • Outwit a Mechanic
  • Wire Your Car Stereo for an iPod
  • Change Your Oil
  • Get 50 MPG in a Buick
  • Get a Boost in the Blogosphere
  • Get Backstage at a Concert
  • Order a Drink
  • Launch an MP3 Blog
  • Lay Down Tracks On Your iPod
  • Convert Video to Play on Your Mobile Gadget
  • Make Old-Timey Photos
  • Get More Out of Flickr
  • Take a Killer Portrait
  • Rock at Guitar Hero
  • Karaoke Like a Superstar
  • Beat Donkey Kong
  • Win at Scrabble

Some of these may seem easy to figure out for yourself, but this guide has some useful insight. One tip I found interesting was that you can maximize views on your eBay auctions if you list them so they end on a Sunday between 4 and 10 pm Pacific time.

The original advertisements were replaced with other scans for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy.

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How To

How To
Wired, August 2007
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