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the three years of suds

On this exact date and time in 2006, the first post was published on this site. Modern Soapbox was initially created as a public journal for the masses to continue the blog I updated on MySpace and has become a collection of prose and other random bits of writing over the years. 2009 is about […]

the exit strategy

Today marks the third week since my last day at the chaotic office I worked in for the past two and a half years. The job hunt still continues, but I’m not too worried yet. I have a decent amount saved up that will float me for at least the next couple months if needed. […]

the february post explosion announcement

This post has been written to announce that I am taking on my personal writing challenge this month, the Post Explosion (see: this, this, and that). That’s right, people. I will write a minimum of 28 posts this month, so look forward to constant updates on here. I’m really aiming to supersede the projected number, […]

the birthday boy

I was planning on getting my haircut today, but I figured that I’d go get it tomorrow. The barber I normally go to is located near my mom’s house, and I have to pick up the food for the party that I’m keeping in her fridge. It’ll save me some gas if I do it […]

the 3hirty (aka the april post challenge)

Similar to what I did in February, I am challenging myself to do the same for the month of April. Will this be a bimonthly challenge? I don’t know but by the looks of it, quite possibly. I have another post that I will be writing tonight, and this will be the April kick-off post. […]

the tangible

Not too much is going on lately. Time just keeps ticking away. My copy of X-Force #1 with the variant cover came in. I won it off eBay, and it made a journey all the way from Canada. I think I’ve gotten my variant cover fix for the time being, since I’ve managed to score […]

the good friday

It’s half past three. I’m still awake. I’m not tired, because I took a nap today. Today was a company holiday. I had the day off today plus I got paid. Company holidays are always a bonus. I just purchased my Thrice tickets online. I want to say I’ve been watching them live every time […]