the keeper keeps on keepin on

I look forward to this site celebrating its 5th anniversary this August.

New priorities will be made throughout this year, and the new direction is in progress. The updates here will probably be a lot like last year in terms of frequency, but I hope to have more to share.

I don’t do much brainstorming on here anymore. Almost everything that I do revolves outside this sandbox I once played in often. However, this is also my junk drawer that facilitates the collector aspect to my personality. I’ll try to post more random photos whenever they’re taken. I’ve thought about scanning random flat objects that contain information worth sharing and posting them up here for you to enjoy.

This corner is a lot less busier than it used to be, but people on their internet surfboards from all over the planet still manage to findĀ  something I’ve posted on here that they’ve been digging for in the online cesspool. A majority of the content has value to very few and even just myself. This intellectual property belongs to me, and I’m pleased to be its owner.

A possible New Year’s resolution: Post to Modern Soapbox more often like you did before.

the dynamite boy reunion show

Dynamite Boy played a reunion show this past Saturday at Emo’s. They were greeted by a venue full of fans that was impressive for a show featuring all local bands. They’ve been one of my favorite pop-punk bands, and I’ve seen them multiple times over the years.

We showed up a little late, because parking in downtown Austin on a Saturday night is a nightmare. When we got to the door, Cruiserweight was already about fifteen minutes into their set.

I didn’t get too many pics at this show like I did at the Thrice show. This is one of the few pictures I took where you can see Dusty on the left tucked away in the corner. He was in the shadow where I was standing most of the show.

This was one of the fun black-and-white photos I took where it looks like history being recorded.

Sean pulls off one of his amazing solos.

Stella and Yogi (with cowbell in hand) from Cruiserweight join the fun on stage.

Adrian rocks out on the bass. He is one of the members of the first band to go on, The Armour.

Again, I have to apologize for the low-quality blurry photos. The DSC-T33 can be a hater when it comes to taken pictures under low-light conditions.

the noah fecks

NOFX - February 29, 2008 - Austin TX - Stubb's BBQ

NOFX played a sold out show this past Leap Day at Stubb’s. I’ve been to Stubb’s many times, but I’ve never seen it this crowded.

I took some video, but I still have to have it cleaned up and enhanced by the talented N.

I also took some photos, but none of them turned out well. I’ll share a couple with you just so you can get an idea of the mayhem that ensued that night.

NOFX live on Leap Day @ Stubb's BBQ, Austin TX

On the left with his arms out is El Hefe. Fat Mike is holding the mic in the middle. Behind the drums is Smelly. Melvin is cut off of this picture at the very right.

NOFX live on Leap Day @ Stubb's BBQ, Austin TX

In this shot, El Hefe is playing the trombone at the end of The Decline. His wife is playing guitar for him next to Fat Mike.

Their performance was amazing. I am impressed every time I see this band. They crack jokes between songs, and their sound is just as good as what you hear on their albums. They are a very entertaining bunch to witness live.

Here’s an incomplete setlist of what they played that night in as near of an order as I was able to jot down:

  • Dinosaurs Will Die
  • Franco Unamerican
  • Perfect Government
  • Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
  • The Decline (!!)
  • Radio (“Rodeo”)
  • Leave It Alone
  • Pump Up the Valuum
  • Leaving Jesusland
  • Linoleum
  • See Her Pee
  • Eat the Meek
  • Bob
  • Murder the Government
  • The Brews
  • Bottles to the Ground
  • Stickin’ In My Eye
  • Kill All the White Man (encore)

They played a cover between See Her Pee and Eat the Meek, but I wasn’t sure what the song or who the artist was. They also played F**k the Kids somewhere in the mix. I may have also missed a song, but I think I got most of them.

I should have a video or two up here soon. The quality won’t be so great, but it’s a memory captured in digital worth sharing.