the 640gb portable hard drive for $100

To netbook and notebook enthusiasts, portability is a priority on the list of requirements that additional devices should provide. The Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive keeps this in mind with its sleek and compact design.

One of the biggest advantages of these external hard drives is that the power source is combined with the USB cable. Unlike the larger relatives, the FreeAgent Go does not require an additional wire with an adapter on the other end to power it on. One less wire means one less item to carry around.

A hard drive as attractive as this seems like it would have a price tag that might deem it undesirable. Consider this. The tuxedo black FreeAgent Go packs a hefty 640GB of storage at a reasonable sale price of $99.99 with free shipping. That sounds synonymous to a great deal.

640GB is plenty of space to store your files, backups, music, videos, documents, and anything else you would keep on a hard drive. The software is preloaded, so you won’t need to deal with a CD when plugging it in. The hard drive on your netbook or notebook probably isn’t near the size of this puppy, so you might want to consider dropping the Benjamin on one to make sure you’ll have plenty of disk space to go around.