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the 1978 bullet strat used on gish

Billy talks about one of the first S.P. guitars.

the american gothic

On January 2nd, Smashing Pumpkins released an acoustic EP titled American Gothic that features four new songs: The Rose March Again, Again, Again (the crux) POX Sunkissed What happens when you click on this image of the album cover? What is a ZIP file?

the (smashing pumpkins live at the backyard in austin texas) audio download

REJOICE! I was able to locate an audio recording of Smashing Pumpkins on November 13, 2007 in Austin, Texas at The Backyard. Thanks to Google Alerts, Sonorama.NET, Internet Archive, BG RAVES, Homeless Crisco & 1st Mate Kate. — Smashing Pumpkins November 13, 2007 | Austin, Texas | The Backyard Track listing 01. United States (cut) […]