the bizarro url shortener is one of the more well-known URL shorteners among the Twitter community. TinyURL is another popular URL shortening service. TinyURL. The main purpose of a URL shortener is to conserve characters which is very useful for tweeting due to the the 140-character limit.

These two services have been used so much that the URLs have grown.’s shortened URL is currently up to 20 characters, and TinyURLs have reached 26 characters. Many other URL shorteners populate the webosphere, but one in particular has caught my attention.

This unique URL shortener is fairly new to the scene and provides Bitly-size URLs. Just plug in your long URL and a compact URL is immediately delivered to share in tweets, email, and txt messages. If you’re searching for a simple URL shortener from another universe, then you’re a click away.

the three years of suds

On this exact date and time in 2006, the first post was published on this site. Modern Soapbox was initially created as a public journal for the masses to continue the blog I updated on MySpace and has become a collection of prose and other random bits of writing over the years.

2009 is about four months from being over. MySpace is suffering its downward spiral into unpopularity since Facebook & Twitter has climbed to the top of the social networking mountain. Modern Soapbox is still kicking it strong with 600+ published posts and will continue into its fourth year and probably fifth.

My internet service from where I do most of the posting has been intermittent since late last week, so I haven’t been able to get things done on here that I’ve been meaning to do. The appearance of this site was going to get a makeover by today, but that didn’t happen since I did not have access to it for most of the weekend. The revised plan is to roll out the new appearance within the next week or two. The surprise is ruined but we’ll consider it a belated birthday present. Peace out.

the career centric social networking

Social networking is one of the most powerful products of the Web 2.0 movement. From Facebook to Twitter, the upgrade to communication on the web has become more advanced and in-depth that users can get in touch with each other in a variety of easy-to-use ways.

Climber is one of the most popular career social networking sites online today. Passive job seekers can turn to this site for a recruiting system that provides opportunities to advance in their careers. A job search can be difficult without good leads, but this site connects members with thousands of recruiters and hiring managers.

If you’re satisfied with your career path and looking for an increase in pay, complete a comprehensive profile to open the doors to understanding your work place value and the chance of being recruited.