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the new theme: suds

I finally finished up the tweaks to the design of this site over the weekend and rolled it out tonight. This theme is named Suds and is a heavily modified version of the previous theme. I hope it’s as pleasing to your eyes as it is mine. I’m finishing up everything I’ve planned lately one […]

the last of the 3hirty or the record high

[ [ [ Countdown to 3hirty Posts in April: ONE! ] ] ] The challenge has been conquered. With a less than two hours left in the day, I am writing the thirtieth post for April. I’m gonna try to keep this short, and I’m sure I will since I didn’t post too long ago. […]

the tangible

Not too much is going on lately. Time just keeps ticking away. My copy of X-Force #1 with the variant cover came in. I won it off eBay, and it made a journey all the way from Canada. I think I’ve gotten my variant cover fix for the time being, since I’ve managed to score […]