the rill quik

After this, I will be reviewing study guides for an exam that I am taking tomorrow afternoon.

After that exam, I will be cramming another study guide for the exam in my other class on Wednesday evening. Fortunately, this exam allows two double-sided pages of notes. I would be doomed otherwise.

The completion of that exam will conclude my summer session.

Mary and Max (IMDb 8.3/10 9,403 votes) is a movie well worth viewing. The fusion of high-quality claymation and a thought-provoking story made it a very interesting film. The way it plays out threw me for a whirl. I enjoy movies that do that to me and make a good impression on my movie memory bank.

the healthy dreams germ-fighter pillow

The bed and pillows you sleep on is a mini-ecosystem. A recent study out of England suggests that pillows harbor dangerous bacteria and fungus. Bedrooms are a huge source of indoor air pollution and in the top three dirtiest places in the home.

On a typical pillow, you can find human skin cells, bodily secretions and excretions, animal hair and dander, bacteria and fungi, dust mites, perspiration, insect parts, food particles, cosmetics, lotions, and oils. After five years of using a pillow, 10% of the weight of the pillow is made up of dust mites and dust mite feces. Every ten years, the weight of a mattress doubles because of the same thing.

If you don’t have the proper protection on your bedding, then you are inhaling this eight hours a day every day of your life which can cause allergies. The cure is to have an impervious outer covering on your pillows and mattress. What’s in your pillow stays in your pillow and what’s outside stays out.

The best solution is an allergen pillow. The Healthy Dreams pillow with the Micrenza bio-filter is the first truly germ-free, mold-free, and allergen-free pillow available. Why risk your health to germs, mold, and microscopic critters that you can’t see with your naked eye?

Nothing can grow on the surface on Healthy Dreams pillows as long as you own it, and you never have to wash it. The Micrenza bio-filter keeps anything from entering the pillow and has the efficiency of a surgical mask. The ComforTech membrane that keeps moisture from passing into the pillow.

The cloud you rest your head on will be heaven sent if you use a Healthy Dreams Germ-Fighter pillow. This is the ultimate pillow on the market that provides comfort, peace of mind, and improves the quality of your sleep and the air you breathe. The technology in these pillows is a modern testament to ideology of a great night’s sleep.

the nutrisystematicism

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to the mind and body. With everyday temptations like dollar menus at fast food restaurants and deliciously greasy dinner specials, desiring tasty meals can become a constant game of give and take.

The Nutrisystem diet program is designed to combat the fight that goes on when eating healthy and eating for satisfaction collide. Other diets require people to restrict themselves to eating certain foods, taking expensive supplements, and avoiding meals that satisfy the appetite for most of the day.

Upon reviewing a couple commercials and reading up on this diet program, Nutrisystem has the ability to make dieting very easy and affordable. The system has a variety of plans to choose from to suit individual needs. The food is prepackaged and processed, so if you already use the “microwave” way of preparing most of your meals, then all you need to do to easily lose weight without sacrificing taste or starving yourself is to change out the current frozen dinners with the Nutrisystem selection.

The food is filled with good carbs, high fiber, zero trans fat, and low sodium which is necessary to lose weight while still eating enough to be satisfied. The cost of the food ranges from seven to ten dollars a day which isn’t bad at all considering that many people who get their lunch at the drive-thru spend anywhere from three to seven dollars in that one meal alone. For the Nutrisystem price, you get three meals and two snacks.

On top of the cost of the food, you can only imagine that shipping would be an additional charge. Not at all. Shipping is free, so not only do you get meals that only require you to “heat and eat”, they are delivered directly to your door. No need to spend time driving to grocery store, filling the cart, checking out, unloading the groceries, or sweating in the kitchen preparing the meals.

You’re not under any obligation and can cancel any time. If you’re skeptical about this diet program, then you can actually try out three weeks worth of food for free. How can you pass that up? With over a hundred different meals, snacks, and desserts to choose from, eating healthier to lose weight has never been made any easier or affordable.

the keyboard replacement success

The last place we left off on replacing the keyboard on my ECS 536 notebook was waiting on the delivery of the replacement almost two weeks ago.

On the 12th, the keyboard arrived. The time arrived to do the necessary to my three-year-old notebook that has sentimental value to me hence why I’m keeping it around.

Let’s start off with the “before” pictures and some captions:

Notice the missing Ctrl keys on the left and right. It was a bad idea to want to switch them, since it wouldn’t have done next to nothing and resulted in needing replacement.

On the lower left corner of this picture, you can see that the location of the left Ctrl key was rendered completely useless since both the key and the rubber piece that closes the circuit are completely missing. You can also see that many of the labels have deteriorated over time with extended use.

Here’s a picture of the other side of the keyboard to highlight more faded labels. The right Ctrl key still has the rubber piece intact, but the key is also missing. These keys must have been pressed thousands of time if not more causing the labels to eventually wear.

Now for some moving pictures for your viewing pleasure. This footage was shot on Thursday night and highlights the simple procedure in replacing a notebook keyboard.

Basically, some screws were removed, a couple plates were removed, the keyboard was detached from the motherboard, the new keyboard was attached, and the screws and plates were put back into their proper places.

Here’s a picture of the new keyboard looking fresh. No greasy-looking wear from extended use and the Ctrl keys have returned.

As long as the rest of the hardware keeps truckin’, this notebook will probably have at least a few more years of constant use. By that time, I will invest in a new notebook to catch up to current technology or the worn-out hardware will be replaced. The decision depends on if this upgraded ECS 536 will still be able to run the applications I use on a regular basis at that time and if I can still find parts for it. The current configuration will run Windows 7, so I’ll be looking forward to upgrading the operating system in early 2010.

the sunday night shenanigans

A couple weeks ago, the Plain Rockers decided to have some fun in a private parking lot. I’ll keep this post short to let you enjoy the video.

They overstayed their (un)welcome by a few minutes when the county pigs came rolling in to give the boys a bad time. Fortunately, this footage was shot to capture the memories before the mishap.

the alkaline trio live in austin texas

I’m a little on the late side on posting these videos on here. Alkaline Trio played an amazing show at La Zona Rosa a couple Mondays ago. Here’s a few songs I managed to capture. I really wanted to get their second encore song, Radio, but my camera ran out of juice. Enjoy.

“Calling All Skeletons”

“Armageddon” [for b00g]

“Help Me”

I’m eager with anticipation for when they return to Austin in October with a couple other great bands at Austin Music Hall: Thrice and Rise Against. That will be my rock show of the year.

the jesus of surburbia

Watch the videos all the way through. They’ll be worth every second.

First, watch the video of Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day. Familiarize yourself with all of the parts of the medley, and also notice how long the song is. This video only runs for 6:30, but the album version clocks in at 9:08.

Then watch a 7-year-old boy from Japan sing and play the entire song on guitar.

Then watch another 7-year-old guitar virtuoso play Santana.

This world amazes me more and more every day.