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the last of the 3hirty or the record high

[ [ [ Countdown to 3hirty Posts in April: ONE! ] ] ] The challenge has been conquered. With a less than two hours left in the day, I am writing the thirtieth post for April. I’m gonna try to keep this short, and I’m sure I will since I didn’t post too long ago. […]

the seedy

In 1996, Karma Kredit Records released a posthumous album by Operation Ivy that features eleven songs: Healthy Body (Uncut Version) Someday Plea For Peace Trouble Bound Uncertain Hangin’ Out Left Behind Old Friendships Hedgecore Steppin’ Out The End (outro) This release is currently out of print and is rare to find. What happens when you […]

the stop drop and roll

Last year on December 8th, Foxboro Hot Tubs released a record titled Stop Drop and Roll that features six songs: Stop Drop and Roll Mother Mary Ruby Room Red Tide Highway 1 She’s a Saint, Not a Celebrity This garage rock album was released free on the internet. What happens when you click on this […]

the american gothic

On January 2nd, Smashing Pumpkins released an acoustic EP titled American Gothic that features four new songs: The Rose March Again, Again, Again (the crux) POX Sunkissed What happens when you click on this image of the album cover? What is a ZIP file?